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Airport Zoning and Compatible Land Use 

Another area critical to airport preservation is Airport Hazard Zoning and Compatible Land-Use. Collaborative land-use management between local communities and transportation entities is necessary to contain costs and ensure the state's system has room to grow to meet future demand. Pennsylvania validates its commitment to protecting and preserving aviation facilities within the Commonwealth through Act 164 , Chapter 59, Airport Operation and Zoning. Instructions to those looking to erect, add to, or maintain airport approach obstructions can be found in Chapter 479 of the Regulations Relating to Pennsylvania Aviation. The following links are designed to address frequently asked zoning and land use questions.

Airport Hazard Zoning 

  1. Zoning Status Report (PDF) - This report lists the affected municipalities by airport and whether Act 164 compliant zoning ordinances have been enacted.
  2. Model Zoning Ordinances
  3. Additional Hazard Zoning Information/Links

 Compatible Land Use