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PennDOT Connects introduces new online training series

April 19, 2019 12:00 AM
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Through PennDOT Connects, the department has been working with local governments to ensure that community needs are considered at the very beginning of every project.

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As part of this innovative initiative, PennDOT has created online training courses that address a series of topics related to the project planning process.

Topics are:

  • Access Management Regulations and the Coordinated Highway Occupancy Process
  • Loan and Funding
  • Sight Design and Roadway Standards
  • Transit Revitalization Investment District (TRID)
  • Capital Improvement Programing (CIP)  
  • Integrating Transportation and Land Use in Comprehensive Plans
  • Traffic Operations  
  • Transportation Impact Fees   

The topics were selected based on feedback received during workshops that were held across the state to introduce PennDOT Connects to municipal officials. Each course provides an overview of PennDOT Connects, defines the topic and course objects, explains the advantages and other consideration associated with each of the topics, identifies best practices, and provides the next steps toward implementation.

More information and resources is available on the PennDOT Connects website.

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