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Bradford County PennDOT's Joe McMahon: A Lifetime of Community Service

January 07, 2019 12:00 AM
By: Dave Thompson

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​Joe McMahon loves his job so much, he volunteers to talk about it during jobs fairs.

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McMahon is a transportation equipment operator specialist who drives a fuel truck for PennDOT's Bradford County Maintenance Organization. He has worked for the department for more than 26 years.

"I usually take a truck up (to the job fair) and talk about how great it is to work at PennDOT," he said. "There are advancement opportunities and a chance to run lots of equipment with the proper training."

Working for PennDOT runs in the family. McMahon's father, Joseph McMahon Sr., also served as an equipment operator with Bradford County PennDOT.

Helping to maintain the state roadway system in Bradford County is rewarding because it positively impacts the community he lives in. But McMahon's service to the community goes well beyond his work with the department. He has been a member of the New Albany Volunteer Fire Co. for nearly 40 years. That can be a full-time job, especially with the training requirements firefighters must undergo, he said.

However, McMahon has found time to take on yet another demanding job. He is in his third year as a school board member of the Wyalusing Area School District.

"I initially said ‘no' (to serving on the school board) but they couldn't get anyone to run so I did a write-in campaign," he said.

When asked what he finds more rewarding in terms of serving the community, McMahon is hard-pressed to answer. Each job has its challenges and rewards and all of them benefit the community in some way, he said.

"I like being in the fire company and I like being on the school board," he said.

McMahon especially enjoys participating in an annual fire company fundraiser. For the last five years he's been part of a theatrical production at the fire company social hall that spoofs famous movies, TV shows, or plays.

Last year, the production focused on 1970s-era television shows such as "Love Boat," "Cheers" and "Laverne and Shirley." In this production, McMahon was a member of "Charlie's Angels," a not-so-glamorous trio who appear in each of the TV show scenes depicted in the play.

The production is a family affair. McMahon's wife, Katrina, is the brains behind the spoofs, coming up with ideas for the plays, while his in-laws, Royce and Alberta Molyneux, bake pies and auction them off during intermission.

"I enjoy working in the community," he said. "It makes me feel good when I help someone else out. I believe in giving back to the community and always tell my sons (Matthew and Kyle) that."

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