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Digital Delivery Informational Videos

The videos below provide an overview of PennDOT's Digital Delivery Directive.


Strategic Plan Status Update

Recorded presentation, from 11/19/2020, of the Strategic Plan Status Update for PennDOT's Digital Delivery Directive 2025.

2021 Project Delivery Workshop

Recorded presentation, from 03/24/2021, to the Project Delivery Workshop.

Pennsylvania Society of Professional Engineers

Recorded presentation, from 03/01/2021, to the Pennsylvania Society of Professional Engineers.

2021 Smart Construction Forum

Recorded presentation, from 11/18/2021, to the Smart Construction Forum

2022 Project Delivery Workshop

Recorded presentation, from 2/28/2022, to the Project Delivery Workshop

2022 Winter School

Recorded presentation from the January 2022 Winter School Training