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2017 Mid Atlantic Quality Assurance Workshop

The 2017 Mid Atlantic QAW was sponsored by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation at the Hershey Lodged located in Hershey Pennsylvania.

The 2017 Mid Atlantic QAW had over 415 registered attendees including 55 walk ins and 31 vendors.  We believe this was one of the largest workshops in our 50-year history.  The three-day session included over 50 technical presentations presented from technical experts for around the region, as well as international experts.  

Day 1: Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Mainline Session 1

DOT Innovations -STIC:(PDF) Tom Harman, Center for Accelerating Innovation

Leadership:(PDF) Duane Miller, Lincoln Electric

PennDOT P3 Rapid Bridge Replacement:(PDF) George McAuley, PennDOT Deputy Secretary for Highway Administration

QA of Painting on DB/P3 Projects:(PDF) Ken Trimber, KTA Tator

Building a Safety Culture:(PDF) Michael Caro, TRC


Day 2: Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Metals Session

Understanding the Updated AWS CWI Exam:(PDF) Ken Coryell, Welding Consultant

The Do's and Don'ts of Painting Bolted Connections:(PDF) Ken Timber, KTA Tator

A1010 Steel:(PDF) Bill Via, VDOT; Adam Steppe, High Steel Structures Inc.

Phased Array: Mark Davis and Charles Hansen, VERIPHASE (No Presentation Available)

AWS 2015 Update:(PDF) David McQuaid, D.L. McQuaid and Associates

Sign Structure Bolt Testing and Inspection:(PDF) Bruce Abernathy, MDSHA

Paperless Inspection Reporting - PennDOT's EQMS:(PDF) Joe Bracken, PennDOT; Scott Kopp, High Steel Structures Inc.

NDT ASNT Certification Requirements - Coating Certification:(PDF) Jim Kretzler and Cindy Rice, KTA Tator


Maintenance and Asset Mgmt Session

PennDOT's Maintenance IQ:(PDF) Shawn Crane, Nate Reck, and Jamie Dietrich, PennDOT

PennDOT's Stormwater Initiatives and MS4 Permitting:(PDF) Jon Flemming and Rich Heineman, PennDOT

Concrete Pavement Grinding:(PDF) John Roberts, IGGA

MS4 Permitting:(PDF) Chris Swanson, VDOT

Asset Management: Tony Mento, FHWA (No Presentation Available)

NJ DOT's Federal Funding for Maintenance Contracts:(PDF) Gerald Oliveto, NJDOT

PennDOT's Asset Management Initiatives:(PDF) Mike Long, PennDOT

DOT's Asset Management Plans:(PDF) Andrew Williams


Asphalt Session

NEAUPG Update:(PDF) Greg Harder, Asphalt Institute

Observations of International Improvements in Asphalt Paving:(PDF) Larry Michael

Specification Adjustments to Improve Cracking Resistance:(PDF) Ray Bonaquist, Advanced Asphalt Technologies LLC

Evaluation of Laboratory Performance Tests for Cracking of Asphalt Pavements:(PDF) Phil Blankenship, Asphalt Institute

FHWA Enhanced Durability Through Increased In-Place Pavement Density Pilot Projects' "What did we learn":(PDF) Jeff Withee, FHWA

PennDOT's New Thin Lay Specifications

PennDOT Longer Life Asphalt Pavement Spec:(PDF) Gary Hofffman, PAPA; Neal Fannin PennDOT

FHWA Quality Assurance Stewardship Reviews:(PDF) Jeff Withee, FHWA

Map 21 Status of Pavement Performance Measures: Tony Mento, FHWA PA Division (No Presentation Available)

Implementing PennDOT's Pavement Management System:(PDF) Halley Cole, PennDOT


Concrete session

Super Slab:(PDF) Dan Moellman, The Fort Miller Co., INC.

Performance Engineered Concrete Mixtures/Concrete Pavement Performance System:(PDF) Michael Praul, FHWA

Mass Concrete:(PDF) Michael Mence, WVDOH

ASR Panel Discussion: State Agency Representatives

Ultra-High Performance Concrete:(PDF) Ben Graybeal, FHWA

Optimized Aggregate Gradations:(PDF) Justin Bryan: Bryan Materials Group

Innovative Use of Precast Members - Flyover Bridge, Jacksonville FL:(PDF) Gregg Reese, Summit Engineering Group, Inc.

Material Related Concrete Pavement Distress:(PDF) Mark Snyder, Pavement Engineering and Research Consultants, LLC


Geotechnical and Aggregates Session

Compaction Control Specifications - PennDOT Direction:(PDF) Frank Namatka, Gannett Fleming

Use of Storm Water Gravity Injection Wells for Sinkhole Control:(PDF) Jim Lolcama, KFC Groundwater Inc.

Techniques for Unstable Rock Slope Mitigation Design:(PDF) Matt Morris, Gannett Fleming

Research Results for Use of Geotextile to Prevent Fines Migration into Pavement Drainage:(PDF) Kerry Petrasic, PennDOT

Recylced Plain Cement Concrete Aggregates:(PDF) Mark Snyder, Pavement Engineering and Research Consultants LLC

Friction Testing Using the Dynamic Friction and Circular Texture Meter:(PDF) Dan Sajedi, MDSHA

Inverted Pavements:(PDF) Kevin Vaughn, Vulcan Materials

Freeze Thaw Testing - Correlations and Possible Advantages over Sodium Sulfate Testing:(PDF) Patricia Baer, PennDOT


Day 3: Thursday, February 9, 2017

Mainline Session 2

TC3 Update:(PDF) Ron Stanevich, WVDOH

Turner Fairbanks Resource Center: Mark Swanlund, FHWA (No Presentation Available)

Pedestrian/Bike Lanes - Industrial Track Greenway:(PDF) Jeff Niezgoda, DelDOT

QAW - 50th Anniversary Review:(PDF) James Dunne, Consultant; Woodrow Hood, MDSHA