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Priority Project Locations

The federal plan for NEVI-funded electric vehicle charging sites includes a phased approach over the five-year funding cycle. The first phase will focus on fully building out the AFC corridors. Round 1 NEVI funding was conditionally awarded to 54 project sites to build out AFCs in Pennsylvania. The Round 1A Funding Opportunity will be announced in Fall 2023 to fill in the AFC gaps. Funds may not be spent on other sites until all AFCs are fully built out as per federal guidelines. PennDOT will be addressing the first phase with multiple rounds of funding through the PennDOT NEVI Grant Program. 

Round 1 focused on Pennsylvania’s primary and auxiliary interstate AFC network. Round 1 included 11 primary interstates and four (4) auxiliary interstates, with each separated into groups of interchanges. PennDOT developed a map showing the approximately 80 groups, which are labeled as Priority I, II, or III.

  • Priority I groups included interchanges that have been selected through a gap analysis to most likely satisfy the 50-mile interval required for an AFC to be “fully built-out.”
  • Priority II groups included interchanges that are in locations closer to existing sites and/or more likely to be redundant when ensuring 50-mile intervals are filled on the AFCs.
  • Priority III groups included interchanges that already has an existing NEVI-qualifying EV charging site. These sites were considered for redundancy purposes.

A map of exact locations for the EV charging corridors in Pennsylvania, connected to other states.Click here to view the PA NEVI – Anticipated Funding Round 1 Map.