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Approved Products for Low Volume Local Roads

Planning and Policy - Project No:  ECMS 03718

Project Purpose

The purpose of this project is to evaluate new products that may be of benefit to local governments across Pennsylvania. 
Generally these level of products are not necessarily suitable on higher volume roads but work well on side streets, developments and other non collector type roads. 
Products are evaluated by a committee comprised of local government Roadmasters and others who deal with these products. Additionally input is gained from groups representing industry. 
Our testing partner is Penn State Universities Larson Institute. They provide on-site and laboratory services as required as well as assistance in writing specifications on products that PennDOT has determined to be approved.   

Anticipated Outcomes

Adding beneficial products that add value to the preservation and maintenance of roadways at municipal levels across Pennsylvania. 

PennDOT Technical Advisor:
Tom Welker
Project Duration:
10/11/2016 - 10/11/2021
Research Contractor:
​Pennsylvania State University
Principal Investigator: 
Mansour Solaimanian
Project Cost: