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Fibers in Microsurfacing

Maintenance - Project No: ECMS E03718 WO #003

Project Purpose:

PUB 447: Approved Products for Low Volume Local Roads - Using fibers in Microsurface Pavement Preservation Treatments.
Microsurfacing is widely used to resurface existing roadways to extend their life cycles. It places a thin layer of new material over existing pavement, allowing better traction, sealing of cracks and other deficiencies.
The Microsurfacing material is a composition of emulsified asphalt, cement, and a fine aggregate which is smoothed onto the road surface by a specialized machine. It generally extends the life of the road surface by 5 plus years.
We are studying whether the addition of small special fibers will extend the pavement lift to 7 to 8 years or longer.
It is believed that these fibers will increase the durability of the product and help prevent cracking in the surface.

Both laboratory testing and the monitoring of a project placed on a municipal roadway will be evaluated to determine if the extra cost of adding fibers will justify its use.  

​PennDOT Technical Advisor:
​Tom Welker
Project Duration:
7/01/2020 - 10/11/2021
Research Contractor:
​Pennsylvania State University
Principal Investigator:
Mansour Solaimanian
Project Cost: