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District 1 - PA Flex Beam

Purpose:  The project will validate a low-cost system for rapid replacement of deficient short-span highway bridges.

Maintenance - Project No: EO3134 WO 014 

The Flex Beam bridge system uses modular, lightweight, full-span components prefabricated from a steel section and concrete deck. These components can be rapidly installed by small teams using light construction equipment. This bridge concept was created through collaboration between Lehigh and PennDOT engineers. A prototype bridge will be constructed and tested to assess constructability, service load performance, and strength. Details will be developed for the field-installed connections between components.

Anticipated Outcomes
​Create new BD standard for Flex Beam and update DM-4, Chapter 2 sections 2.6 & 2.7.

​PennDOT Technical Advisor:
​Bill Koller/Mark Bredl
Project Duration:
​23 months
Research Contractor:
​Modjeski & Masters, Inc.
Principal Investigator:
Scott Eshenaur
Project Cost: