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SMART Intersections

Project Purpose:

 To collect and analyze crash, roadway, traffic, and near-miss data relative to suburban/urban intersections to determine pedestrian and bicyclist actions leading to conflicts that could result in future crashes. Develop criteria for selecting the intersections; identifying the data sources that hold those criteria, and analyzing that data to identify the intersections for study. Samples of criteria may include signal timing, geometry data, and allowances for right turns on red. Road user speed and post encroachment time may be recorded for each near miss.

Maintenance - Project No: E04696

 Anticipated Outcomes:

Video capture technology and software to record and analyze how pedestrians and vehicles are interacting at 15 urban signalized intersections. The video analysis will identify patterns of user safety risks (conflicts) at these intersections for possible safety improvements and to provide insight to traffic engineers/specialists as to how the intersection is utilized by the roadway facility users.

One to three key intersection features will be selected for study. They are:
  • permissive left turns
  • channelized right turn lane
  • permissive right turn on red

The sites will be classified into one of four types:
  1. Intersections with sufficient pedestrian crash clusters to negate the use of video data collection (hereafter referred to as “High Crash Sites”)
  2. Intersections with recently installed safety countermeasures (hereafter referred to as “Historical Countermeasure Sites”)
  3. At most two intersections where new installation of safety countermeasures are expected to be installed during the construction season. (hereafter referred to as “Before & After Camera Study Sites”)
  4. Intersections which do not fall into the three previous categories

​PennDOT Technical Advisor:
​Jefferey Roecker
Project Duration:
October 2020 - April 2022
Research Contractor:
​Kittelson & Associates, LLC
Principal Investigator:
Shannon Warchol
Project Cost: