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​Section 4(f) - Section 2002

Section 4(f) of the U.S. Department of Transportation Act of 1966 stipulates that the Federal Highway Administration and other Department of Transportation agencies cannot approve the use of land from publicly owned parks, recreational areas, wildlife and waterfowl refuges, or public and private historical sites unless there are no prudent and feasible alternatives to using those resources, and the proposed project plans include all possible planning to minimize harm to the property or the project has a de minimis impact on the property.

Section 2002 of the Administrative Code of 1929 defines the powers and duties held by PennDOT. Act 120 of P.L. 356 amended Section 2002 in 1970 to add requirements to address environmental impacts from transportation projects and serve as a state counterpart to Section 4(f).

Section 2002 applies to all PennDOT transportation projects involving the construction or expansion of a highway, transit line, highway interchange, airport, or other transportation corridor or facility.

For transportation projects that have federal aid, or require U.S. DOT action, the Section 4(f) process and its documentation fulfills the requirements of Section 2002. However, for projects that are 100 percent state-funded, and do not require a U.S. DOT action, the requirements of Section 2002/PA Act 120 must still be met.