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Posted and Bonded Web Viewer

Your Resource for Current Information on Posted and Bonded PA Roads
The GIS Web Viewer and the associated data are updated every Friday. This is a planning tool only and does not replace the need for route surveys.
If you would prefer this data in a downloadable spreadsheet format, please click the Statewide Posted Road Report to access "Posted Road by county report.
If you would prefer this data in a downloadable spreadsheet format, please click the Statewide Bondee Report to access the "bondee name by county" report.
This Web-based map viewer provides current information on the posted and bonded state routes in Pennsylvania. Users can find every posted road in the state to see roadway segments’ weight limits and review which haulers and industries bond these roadways. Haulers can use this information to determine whether they qualify for self-certification or are required to complete the Letter of Local Determination application.
Finding the data is easy; just click the Posted & Bonded Web Viewer map and follow these basic steps:
Step 1: Choose an area by using one of the following three options:

    Zoom to County
    • Select county from the drop down menu.
    • Use the curser to further zoom in to the desired location.
    Zoom to Location
    • Type in the location by typing in a street address, city or town.
    • The web viewer will zoom to the location requested.
    Advanced Database Search
    • Search by typing in county name, bond holder or PennDOT four-digit state route number (ie: State Route 44 must be entered in as “0044”).
    • A database of information will appear below the search feature.
    • Select the roadway segment of interest and the map viewer will zoom to the selected location.
 Step 2: Determine if the road is Posted and/or Bonded
    • A color coding system is in place to indicate if a road is ‘Posted’ and whether a posted road is ‘Bonded.’ The legend feature on the map provides definitions for each color.
    • If the road is Posted or Bonded, click on the road to see the Posted information and the companies that have bonded it. Use the arrow button at the top of the pop-out to toggle between pages.
 Step 3: Haulers can use the data to plan your trips and ensure you are prepared with the required documentation
Step 4: To download the data, go to the “Download Maps” menu