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Central Bayfront Parkway Project

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Project Overview

The City of Erie is experiencing a resurgence of both private and public sector development and investment in its downtown and on the Bayfront. In the heart of these developments lies the Bayfront Parkway, which has served the community since the early 1990s. The parkway serves as the east-west connection, but a need for north-south connections is growing.

In collaboration with local project stakeholders and the community, the Bayfront Parkway Project will enhance these connections and provide the infrastructure needed to support the growth of the region.

The purpose of the project is to improve the pedestrian, bicycle, transit, and passenger vehicle connections between the Erie Central Business District and adjacent neighborhoods to the waterfront property north of the Bayfront Parkway, to reduce crashes on the parkway as much as practical, to decrease future congestion to an acceptable level of service or delay, and to increase traffic operations and efficiency.

The selected alternatives for improvements along the Bayfront Parkway (Route 4034) include:

  • Dual-lane roundabouts at Sassafras Street Extension and Holland Street;
  • Grade separate intersection at State Street, including a traditional signalized at-grade intersection and a path for through traffic on the Bayfront to travel below the intersection;
  • Sidewalk and crosswalk upgrades throughout the length of the project;
  • Multi-use trail connecting the existing trail network, downtown, and the waterfront; and
  • Overhead pedestrian bridges at each intersection.

In coordination with the Bayfront Parkway project, work will also be done to construct a multi-use bridge near the Soldiers' and Sailors' Home and make improvements along 12th Street and the East Bayfront area. Proposed pedestrian improvements along the bluff to Water Works Road and the North Front Street realignment being led by the Port of Erie. 

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Peer Review

As part of the ongoing design process for the Central Bayfront Parkway Project, PennDOT is working with design experts and committee members to complete two peer reviews. The first was conducted in February with Kittelson & Associates of Harrisburg, nationally recognized experts on roundabouts with a focus on pedestrian safety, who examined the roundabouts at Sassafras and Holland streets. The second was done in March with T.Y. Lin International of Philadelphia, a global expert on pedestrian bridges, who offered several options for the structure at Holland Street. Results, including the minutes and presentations, from both peer review workshops, can be viewed online.

Peer Review

Environmental Information

In collaboration with the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) classification for the Bayfront Parkway Central Corridor Improvement Project has been reclassified from an Environmental Assessment (EA) to a Level 2 Categorical Exclusion Evaluation (CEE). The FHWA found the project, as proposed, will not either individually or cumulatively have any significant or adverse environmental impacts, and has provided approval for the project to be advanced as a Level 2 CEE. For more information see the Environmental Document

Project FAQs

Past Public Meetings

An open house was held on August 24, 2022 as the final public involvement for the project for the public to review the final design plans before construction.

Two public meetings (a virtual meeting and a in-person open house) were also held on September 14, 2021. Information was presented on the peer reviews for the roundabouts and the Holland Street pedestrian bridge, as well as the anticipated project timelines and phases. The results of the survey conducted at that time can be are available.

PennDOT earlier held public meetings in December 2018, and August of 2019 when several conceptual and Leading Alternatives were presented. The August meeting included a Formal Presentation.

Additional public involvement activities are expected to be held during the later phases of the project. 

The summary of the feedback gathered during the meetings is available below:

The public is also invited to join the PennDOT-sponsored Bayfront Parkway Project Facebook group to receive updates and leave comments.

Additional information, project updates and an ongoing comment form can also be found at

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