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SR 28 ​Highland Park Interchange Project

The public meeting for the State Route 28 Highland Park Interchange Reconstruction Project to be held at the Fox Chapel High School on March 19, 2020, has been canceled. In lieu of the public meeting, the information that was to be presented is provided here. Please view the introduction video, the PowerPoint presentation, and the video rendering to see all the updated information for this project. Any comments or questions can be submitted through the online comment form by selecting the blue 'Submit Comments' button below the presentations or in the grey sidebar.  

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Public Involvement Introduction

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​PowerPoint Presentation


Project Rendering    

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Project Overview


The purpose of the project is to address the existing bottleneck and congested traffic flow on S.R. 0028 (Allegheny Valley Expressway) and other operational and safety issues within the S.R. 0028/Highland Park Bridge/Freeport Road Interchange. 

The project involves reconstruction of S.R. 0028 between S.R. 1003 (North Canal Street/Kittanning Pike) and extending north/east to the Delafield Avenue Interchange, the reestablishment of two travel lanes on S.R. 0028 in each direction through the interchange, and construction of improved acceleration and deceleration ramps. Also included in the project are the reconstruction of the S.R. 0028 ramps with the Highland Park Bridge and S.R. 1001 (Freeport Road), bridge/wall preservation work, bridge, and roadway widening, sound barriers, and miscellaneous operational and safety improvements. 

The Highland Park Bridge river crossing and the Riverfront 47 Development are not part of this project. 

Sound Barriers

A sound barrier meeting was held on February 12, 2019, at the Sharpsburg VFW for the benefitted property owners and renters in Aspinwall Borough and O'Hara Township associated with the Highland Park Interchange Reconstruction Project (SR 28, Section A56) located in Aspinwall Borough, Fox Chapel Borough, Sharpsburg Boroughs, City of Pittsburgh, and O'Hara Township, Allegheny County.  The purpose of the meeting was to provide voting information to the benefited property owners and residential renters in regards to having a sound barrier constructed (or not constructed) near their homes.  Additionally, provided was information on the type, style, and color of the proposed sound barriers on the community side if they wish to have PennDOT construct the barrier.

The property owners and renters that benefited from a sound barrier voted for the installation of sound barriers on both sides of State Route 28. On the Aspinwall side, a solid barrier with a texture and color of Gray Ashlar Stone will be installed. On the O’Hara side, the sound barrier will be a solid barrier with Tan Ashlar Stone. The project is scheduled to begin construction late summer of 2020.