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​I-376 Banksville Interchange Project

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Project Overview

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT), in cooperation with the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), is proposing to advance the I-376 (Parkway West) Banksville Interchange Project. The majority of the project area is located in the City of Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, PA, just beyond the western portal to the Fort Pitt Tunnels, including the Saw Mill Run Interchange (State Route 51) and the Banksville Interchange. The far western portion of the project encroaches slightly into Green Tree Borough. The I-376 area of study for this project extends from a point immediately west of the Parkway Center Drive overpass to the Fort Pitt Tunnel entrance.  The purpose of the project is to address congestion and safety concerns present within the Banksville Interchange while ensuring that existing vital access points are maintained.  Deficiencies in the project area are related to daily recurring congestion and travel delay times, and above-average crash rates.

The project consists of constructing new exit points from I-376 and Banksville Road (State Route 19) to Saw Mill Run Road (State Route 51) thus eliminating the weave movement that is currently present where Banksville Road merges with I-376 just before the Fort Pitt Tunnel.  These new exit points will consist of a new ramp from I-376 containing a bridge carrying traffic over Banksville Road and tying into a new slip ramp from Banksville Road.  The movement for traffic going from Banksville Road to the Fort Pitt Tunnel will still operate as it does today.  Other work consists of new retaining walls along the Banksville Road slip ramp, a new outbound fourth lane from Banksville to the Parkway Center Drive off-ramp, a new inbound third lane from the Parkway Center Drive on-ramp to the new I-376 exit ramp, and updated signing throughout the project.

Live Public Meeting Resources

Two live virtual public meetings were held  in 2022. Each meeting included a presentation on the project as well as an opportunity for attendees to ask questions. An FAQ document is available here for review.

A recording of the project presentation is available to view below. 

Meeting Presentation

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