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Lebanon Church Road Improvement Project

SR 2040 A23 Location Map.png

Project Overview

This project involves widening, resurfacing, and signal upgrades on SR 2040 Section A23 (Lebanon Church Road/Curry Hollow Road) from the intersection of Ceco Drive to 350 feet east of the Brownsville Road intersection for an approximate length of 1.75 miles. The project is situated in West Mifflin, Pleasant Hills, and Baldwin Boroughs in Allegheny County.

 There will be widening at Glenburn Drive and Pleasant Hills Boulevard to construct new Eastbound/Westbound left turn lanes into both intersections from SR 2040. Similar widening will take place between the SR 51 cloverleaf interchange and Bliss Drive. Widening at this location is for new left-turn lanes from SR 2040 into Green Drive and Bliss Drive. Additional widening will take place at Keeport Drive and Keenan Drive for a new left-turn lane into Keeport Drive from SR 2040. Other construction work includes resurfacing, new adaptive traffic signal system, upgrades to drainage facilities, installation of stormwater management facilities, median upgrades, signing upgrades, structure repair (Cloverleaf structure), concrete patching, retaining walls, and other miscellaneous work. Right-of-Way acquisition will consist of small strip takes on the frontage of parcels along the corridor in the widening sections.

 Traffic through the construction project is anticipated to utilize a combination of short-term flagging operations and one-lane short term setups. Construction will be limited to nights, weekends, and off-peak hours work.

LIVE Virtual Public Meeting Opportunity

PennDOT held a LIVE virtual meeting for this project on May 11, 2021, from 5:00 PM to 6:30 PM. The presentation will be hosted through Microsoft Teams LIVE with the opportunity to ask the project team questions at the end. Please watch the video below for a recording of that meeting.