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​Route 119 Youngwood Reconstruction Project


Project Overview

This project includes total reconstruction of the northbound (3rd Street) and southbound (4th Street) lanes of State Route (US) 119 in Hempfield Township, New Stanton and Youngwood Boroughs. The project limits are from approximately 2,600 feet south of the intersection of State Route 119 (3rd Street and 4th Street) and Burton Avenue (T-552) to approximately 1,520 feet north of the intersection of State Route 119 (4th Street) and Overhead Bridge Road.
The project will include roadway drainage, sidewalks, ADA curb ramps, traffic signals, removing the existing box beam median barrier south of the Burton Avenue Intersection and replacement with a concrete median barrier, traffic calming measures including chicanes and curb extension or bulb-outs, signing and pavement markings, mixture of total reconstruction and mill and resurfacing of Hillis Street and Depot, sidewalk connection made to the Five Star Trail on Depot Street and Hillis Street, sidewalks on both sides of both roads and other miscellaneous construction.

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Project Updates


The contractor will continue work on reconstructing the northbound Route 119 passing lane. Single-lane restrictions on northbound Route 119 from the intersection of Hillis Street to Stouts Carpeting are in place. The restrictions will continue into Summer 2022 to allow the contractor to work on drainage placement and roadway excavation. Limited traffic stoppages from 6 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday will also be utilized. In conjunction with this work, the contractor also plans to implement a temporary short-term lane closure on southbound Route 119 to work on drainage placement. This work will be on an intermittent basis as time permits. 


Left-lane restriction on Route 119 South (4th Street) located in Youngwood, Westmoreland County. The restriction will be located between Overhead Bridge Road and Hillis Street. The restriction will begin on Monday, October 18 and will continue into the Spring of 2022. The lane restriction will be in place to allow crews to perform drainage work. 


Single lane and 11' width restrictions on Route 119 Northbound from the intersection of Hillis Street to Stouts Carpeting will continue through November. Limited traffic stoppages 6 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday and side road Intersection closures will be required. 
Utility contractors will continue to install new water lines, sewer lines, gas lines and electric lines in the southbound lanes on Route 119 between Hillis Street and Washington Avenue, and along Depot Street. Utility contractors will implement their own lane closures when needed. The construction posted speed limit is 25 mph.