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​SR 2002 Section D50 Sans Souci Parkway Reconstruction Project

Project Overview

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) invites the public to a Public Open House and online Plans Display for the SR 2002 Section D50 Sans Souci Parkway Reconstruction Project, Hanover Township, Luzerne County.  The Public Open House Plans display will occur between 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM on Tuesday, August 16, 2022 in the gymnasium of the Hanover Jr/Sr High School, 1600 Sans Souci Parkway, Hanover Township, PA 18706.

Project Purpose and Need

The purpose of the project is to reconstruct approximately 4.2 miles of the Sans Souci Parkway, from just west of Loomis Street to just east of West End Road (See "Location Map").  Reconstruction is necessary to address deteriorated and substandard highway features including pavement, highway design, driveway access management, bridges, drainage, traffic signalization as well as to address vehicular, bike and pedestrian safety issues.  These deficiencies are further detailed as follows:

  • Pavement: The current 9" thick Reinforced Cement Concrete Pavement (RCCP), was constructed in 1954.   Some western sections were replaced with 10" thick RCCP or 6" thick Plain Cement Concrete Pavement (PCCP) in 1972.  Since then, pavement preservation activities have been undertaken to extend the pavements life including  a 0.5" Nova Chip in 1998 and a Mill/Overlay with 1.5" wearing course in 2019 (including concrete pavement repair).
  • Highway Design/Driveway Access Management: The posted speed limit through most of the project is 45 mph which, coupled with more through lanes than needed for relatively low traffic volumes (2 lanes in each direction for 12,000 vehicles /day total for both directions) has led to speeding and safety issues.  Compared to current Highway Design standards, the corridor has stretches with narrow shoulders, substandard super elevation rates and transitions,  substandard clear zones and barrier protection, driveway accesses that do not meet current criteria from Pa Code Title 67, Chapter 441 "Occupancy of Highways by Driveways and Local Roads" and the lack of adequate bike/ped facilities.
  • Bridges:  The Nanticoke Creek bridge and Warrior Creek culvert are currently rated "Fair" with expected continued deterioration to "Poor" as this project nears construction.  Fair structure condition ratings are due to the Warrior Creek culvert concrete spalling and walls cracking and Nanticoke Creek bridge deck spalling/deterioration, scour due to flooding events, and deterioration of the bridge superstructure/T-Beams caused by failing deck joints.  Barrier protection on the approaches and across these structures are substandard based on current design criteria.
  • Drainage: Drainage facilities (inlets, pipes, channels, swales) were constructed over 65 years ago and are severely deteriorated, clogged, and inlet spacing's/conveyance sizes do not satisfy current design storm intensities.
  • Traffic Signalization: Existing traffic signal equipment is antiquated, and pedestrian signalization does not meet current standards.
  • Safety:  There have been 248 total crashes between the years 2013 and 2018 which included five fatalities. There were 12 crashes involving pedestrians and bicyclists (5% of the total crashes) resulting in three of the fatalities.  Several crash clusters are identified along the corridor and excessive speed, lack of left turn lanes and lack of driveway access control contribute to the crashes (see "Crash Heat Map").  Over 400 daily pedestrians cross Sans Souci Parkway between the Slocomb Windows facility on the north side and their parking lot/shopping center on the Southside.  This crossing was the location of a pedestrian fatality.
  • Modal Interrelationships:  Although some sidewalks exist, the corridor needs additional  sidewalks and shoulders to accommodate the safe travel of pedestrians/bicyclists, particularly to bus stops and schools along the corridor.

Proposed Improvements

The existing and projected underutilization of the roadway and safety concerns resulted in the following recommended improvements aimed at providing for the safe and efficient passage of vehicular, pedestrian and bicycle traffic through the 2045 Design Year:

  • Provide one 11' wide through lane and 8' shoulder in each direction, with separate left turn lanes where warranted to provide safe storage for vehicles wishing to turn left into access controlled driveways and intersecting roadways (See "Proposed Improvement Plans").  Narrow shoulder to 3' wide between Fellows Avenue and West End Road as "traffic calming" measure through this high pedestrian commercial/industrial zone and mimic the lane/shoulder widths that exist to the east of West End Road.
  • Reduce the posted speed limit to 35 mph to slow speeding traffic and be consistent with the posted 35 mph speed limit that exists east and west of the project corridor. 
  • Due to steep vertical grades cresting between Willow Street and Kings Road, construct a truck climbing lane eastbound from west of the Alta Road/Ashley Street intersection through the crest and a truck climbing lane westbound from Kings Road through the crest.
  • Replace/Add sidewalk and provide new/upgraded highway lighting, where warranted, to improve pedestrian travel and safety.
  • Provide new/upgraded intersection traffic signalization including pedestrian crossing signals, where warranted, as well as a "rapid flashing beacon" controlled mid-block pedestrian crossing at Slocomb Windows.

Additionally, new storm water capture/conveyance features (swales, inlets, pipes, etc.) will be constructed and the structures carrying creeks across Sans Souci Parkway will be improved, as follows:

  • The Sans Souci Parkway bridge over Nanticoke Creek will be replaced.  The current single 31' span, T-beam, structure was built in 1955, widened in 1969 and has a current rating of Fair. 
  • The Sans Souci Parkway over Warrior Creek box culvert will be replaced.  The current structure is a 260' long 6.5' by 20' concrete box culvert that was built in 1952, widened in 1969 and has a current rating of Fair. 
  • The Sans Souci Parkway over Solomon Creek culvert proposed work includes channel cleaning and bridge railing replacement.  The 3-cell concrete box culvert was constructed in 2001 and is in Good condition but the channel is heavily silted with debris piles located at the culvert cell walls.

Lastly, utility coordination is underway and will continue throughout design to identify and resolve any utility conflicts associated with the proposed improvements as well as coordinate any utility facility improvements proposed by utility companies.  Currently, both Wyoming Valley Sanitary Authority and PA American Water Company are planning upgrades to their facilities.

Traffic Control During Construction

The roadway will be constructed while maintaining one-lane of traffic in each direction by initially moving both directions onto the existing eastbound roadway while constructing the new westbound roadway and subsequently moving both directions onto the newly constructed westbound roadway while constructing the new eastbound roadway (See "Traffic Control During Construction Typical Section").  Left/right turn lanes will be maintained at signalized intersections throughout construction, where warranted, and existing pedestrian facilities (sidewalks, crossings, etc.) will be maintained or alternate provided during construction.  Additionally, vehicular access (and pedestrian access, where appropriate) will be maintained to all properties throughout construction.  This will typically be accomplished by constructing driveways in "half width" unless alternate construction arrangements are made with the property owner.

Opportunity for Public to Comment

The purpose of the meeting and plans display is to introduce the project and receive public input regarding any questions or concerns with the project.  It is also an opportunity for the public to review and comment on the project's potential effect upon Cultural Resources pursuant to  the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation 36 CFR Part 800 regulations implementing Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act.

The Public Open House Plans display will occur between 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM on Tuesday August 16, 2022 in the gymnasium of the Hanover Jr/Sr High School, 1600 Sans Souci Parkway, Hanover Township, PA 18706.  

The project documents will be made available in alternative languages or formats if requested.  If you need translation/interpretation services or have special needs of have special concerns that require individual attention, please contact PennDOT Project Manager Mr. Chris Tomaszewski at or 570.963.3326.

Title VI

Pursuant to Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, PennDOT does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, gender, age, or disability.  If you feel that you have been denied the benefits of, or participation in a PennDOT program or activity, you may contact the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, Bureau of Equal Opportunity, DBE/Title VI Division at (717) 787-5891.