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SR 209 Section 450 Bridge Project

Project Information

The SR 0209 Section 450 project is a bridge rehabilitation project located within
the Borough of Milford in Pike County, Pennsylvania. Throughout the project
limits, SR 209 (East Harford Street) is classified as a rural principal arterial and is
part of the National Highway System with a posted speed limit of 25 mph. The
bridge carries a current ADT (base year 2014) of approximately 9,500 vehicles
per day, of which 5% are trucks. The existing bridge spans Sawkill Creek, a
Class A wild trout stream designated as exceptional value (EV) with migratory
fishes (MF). Immediately adjacent to the structure on its eastern side is the Metz
Ice Plant (c.1869), which was added to the National Register of Historic Places in
2007. The Callahan House, a part of the Delaware Water Gap National
Recreation Area, is located adjacent to the bridge in the southwest quadrant and is also NRHP listed.

Rehabilitation of the existing single span open spandrel arch bridge (built in
1942) will include a deck replacement with approach roadway work. The existing
bridge deck and barriers, as well as select spandrel columns and floor beams, will be removed and reconstructed. Additional structure work will include
reconstructing the deteriorated top portions of abutments and wing walls,
constructing new approach slabs, and repair of deteriorated concrete in isolated
areas of the arch ribs and abutment walls. A retaining wall within the southeast
quadrant, adjacent to the bridge wing wall, will also be reconstructed.

Roadway work will include full-depth pavement reconstruction around the bridge and mill/overlay in other areas. New guiderail will be installed at the bridge approaches and new pavement markings throughout the project limits. A new drainage pipe and outfall will be installed on the south approach to the bridge, in order to correct inadequate drainage around the Callahan House.
Traffic control will include a temporary roadway and bridge that will be used to
convey traffic at the site during the bridge rehabilitation work. The temporary
roadway will be located on the western side of the Callahan House and will be
placed on fill. The fill will be underlain with geotextile on the southern approach
and contained within temporary shoring on the north approach. A 200-foot-long temporary bridge will carry the temporary road over Sawkill Creek. Single lane signalized traffic control will be used on mainline SR 209 during construction and removal of the temporary roadway and bridge. Pedestrians will be maintained via Mott St or Harford St detours throughout construction.

Project construction is anticipated to occur in 2023.

Title VI

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There is no detour for the project.