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​I-95/U.S. 13/​Route 132 Interchange Improvement​​​

Project Location​


The project involves the addition of a slip ramp off of U.S. 13 (Bristol Pike) onto a full-length I-95 southbound on-ramp as well as improvements to the ramps from Bristol Pike onto Route 132 (Street Road), in Bensalem Township, Bucks County. The new slip ramp will line up with the eastbound ramp from Route 132 (Street Road) to U.S. 13 (Bristol Pike), which will allow eastbound Route 132 (Street Road) traffic to enter the I-95 SB on-ramp instead of at the current signalized intersection on Route 132 (Street Road). 

The project limits extend along Route 132 (Street Road) from the intersection with the southbound ramps to and from I-95 south to 1,200’ west. 

The project limits extend along U.S 13 (Bristol Pike) 1,200’ south from where it crosses under Street Road to 750’ north of this underpass. 

The improvements to the interchange involve the aforementioned slip ramp which will include a widening of northbound U.S. 13 (Bristol Pike) to accommodate traffic making a right turn onto this ramp. The ramp onto southbound I-95 will be extended 1,150’ to make it a full-length ramp as well as include a 700’ taper. This ramp will likely require a retaining wall to limit property impacts. U.S. 13 (Bristol Pike) traffic destined for eastbound Route 132 (Street Road) will be directed to a traffic signal approximately 560’ west of the intersection with the on/off ramps to and from I-95 South. U.S. 13 (Bristol Pike) traffic will use a new ramp onto westbound Route 132  (Street Road)  that will allow for safer merging. New signals will be proposed to accommodate the new traffic moves along with new signs. New drainage structures such as inlets, manholes, and pipes will be installed where necessary. 

The purpose of the project is to provide roadway modifications and additions to relieve traffic congestion at the I-95/U.S. 13/Route 132 interchange area, which should improve the safety and operational efficiency of the interchange.    

The following needs have been identified for the project:
  • The I-95/Route 132 (Street Road) interchange has severe capacity and operational problems that create extensive AM and PM peak hour traffic backups causing gridlock on Route 132 (Street Road) and U.S. 13 (Bristol Pike), as well as on the ramps to and from I-95.  
  • Traffic volumes on eastbound Route 132 (Street Road) at the I-95 interchange create an extensive queue and would be aided by diverting traffic from the intersection of the I-95 Ramps/Street Road by allowing direct access to I-95 Southbound. 
  • The ramp from U.S. 13 (Bristol Pike) onto Westbound Route 132 (Street Road) does not have a proper acceleration lane onto a high-speed road, creating a hazardous merging area.
  • The loop ramp from U.S 13 (Bristol Pike) onto eastbound Route 132 (Street Road) backs up due to the traffic signal for the intersection of the I-95 ramps/Street Road and makes it a difficult and dangerous merging area for the traffic that is looking to go north onto I-95. 
  • The ramp from the interchange onto southbound I-95 does not have a long enough acceleration lane onto a high-speed roadway creating a dangerous condition. 

Project Outreach

PennDOT invites the public to attend an open house plans display on Thursday, June 27, from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM at the Bensalem Township Building at 2400 Byberry Road for the proposed project to improve the Interstate 95/Bristol Pike/Street Road Interchange in Bensalem Township, Bucks County.

​The purpose of the public meeting is to update the community on this improvement project and to gather comments and feedback. The meeting will be conducted as an open house plans display where citizens will have the opportunity to circulate among the subject displays to gather information and discuss the different facets of the project with PennDOT's design team. ​

If you have questions, need additional information or have special needs requiring assistance prior to the upcoming meeting, please contact PennDOT Project Manager Judith Arena.