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Route 401 Valley Hill Road Improvements

This project will improve the intersection of Route 401 (Conestoga Road) at the Valley Hill Road Intersection in Charlestown Township, which experiences significant congestion during peak hours. During peak hours, significant queues develop on Route 401 (Conestoga Road). Traffic volumes exceed the current capacity of the intersection as presently configured. The addition of turn lanes for Route 401 (Conestoga Road) would eliminate much of this backup. Presently, when vehicles are waiting to make a left turn in either the northbound or southbound direction on Route 401 (Conestoga Road), through movements are impeded and backups occur. This project is located approximately a half mile from the PA Turnpike and approximately two miles north of U.S. 202.

As part of their successful CMAQ application, the municipality prepared conceptual design plans to satisfy CMAQ grant eligibility requirements. Conceptual improvements include but are not limited to:  Channelization improvements, including adding left turn lanes on Route 401 (Conestoga Road) for both northbound and southbound traffic and improving existing traffic signals including updated timing patterns. Right-of-Way acquisition and utility relocations are anticipated. A pdf of the conceptual design for this project is included below.


Conceptual Design Plan RT 401-Valley Hill Rd.pdf