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District 6 RTMC​

The new PennDOT District 6 Regional Traffic Management Center will expand the existing RTMC’s capabilities by providing a larger and more modern facility for the management of PennDOT’s Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS).

The project scope includes the design and construction of a new building for the RTMC, a precast open parking structure, as well as a fit-out of the existing RTMC space. The footprint of the RTMC building will be over the western portion of the existing parking structure located on the PennDOT District 6 office property. The existing parking structure will be demolished and a new, separate parking structure will be constructed. The new RTMC facility will be a two-story office building with an estimated 43,000 square feet. The new parking structure at a proposed two levels above ground will accommodate approximately 250 parking spaces with an estimated 86,000 square feet.

PennDOT RTMC Rendering_entrance.jpg

As PennDOT moves to aggressively perform Transportation System Management and Operations (TSMO) responsibilities, a larger and more modern facility is essential. The new RTMC will allow PennDOT to operate Advanced Traffic Management Systems such as Variable Speed Limits, Flex Lanes, Queue Detection and Warning Systems and Ramp Metering Operations. In addition, it will serve as the Incident Command Center (ICC) and provide seating for coordinating partner agencies such as Pennsylvania State Police (PSP), Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission (PTC), Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency (PEMA), City of Philadelphia (COP), Delaware River Port Authority (DRPA), Pennsylvania National Guard, counties, municipalities, and others during major incidents, special events, inclement weather or catastrophic highway events. More details can be found in the press release announcing the project.


Next steps for the construction crew as of mid-February 2022 include continuing the construction of the RTMC building itself. The new parking structure has been completed and now the installation of glass window panels has begun. 

Bricking of the towers has begun, with Tower B being the first tower to be finished being bricked over. Most of the structure itself has been constructed. 

Glass window panels being installed. February 2022. RTMC Update.png