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Project Overview

The Geistown corridor improvement project extends 1.75 miles from the Bedford Street/Penrod Street intersection in Stonycreek Township to the Scalp Avenue/Luray Avenue intersection in Richland Township. On Bedford Street from Penrod Street to Lulay Street and on Scalp Avenue from Lamberd Avenue/Demuth Street to Luray Avenue, the pavement will be resurfaced and a two-way left-turn lane will be added within the existing roadway area by removing through lanes. The two-way left-turn lane will provide safer access to properties and minor streets along the corridor. The existing cloverleaf interchange on Scalp Avenue at Belmont Street will be replaced with an an-grade, single lane roundabout and the existing bridge will be removed. Sidewalks will be constructed around the roundabout and along roadways in the vicinity of the roundabout. Four traffic signals will be replaced, and two others will have minor modifications to support the lane reconfiguration.

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Project Contact

​Inspector in Charge: Jim Kaseler

Project Statistics

​Cost: $7.8 million

Contractor: Swank Construction Company, LLC

Detour Information

There are no detours in place after the completion of this project in November 2022.