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Safety Citizens Program

Become a Safety Citizen by partnering with PennDOT in encouraging others to practice safe behaviors on the road. This virtual community outreach program invites Pennsylvanians to express their creativity while responding to traffic safety questions posed bi-monthly. Every other month, we'll request a response using a different medium such as video, poem, drawing, and more. Selected responses will be shared on PennDOT's social media platforms.

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We Want to Hear from You!

How can drivers and pets be safe on the roadways?

In the warm summer months, more pets travel in vehicles, which comes with possible safety risks. Our pets rely on us to keep them safe so we must do our part to keep them (and ourselves!) out of danger when traveling together this summer.  

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Kids' Challenge 

We want to see a picture of you and your pet that shows you safely riding in a vehicle together. It can be drawn, painted or otherwise created by hand or on a computer. 

Parents and guardians: Please note items from minors are never published without permission of an adult and include first names only without any other identifying information.

Submissions Are Being Accepted Now!

Submit Your Content by sending an email to

  • Video responses should be no longer than 30 seconds with a file of size of no larger than 50MB. 

  • Original artwork should be submitted as a PDF, JPG, or PNG and the file should be no larger than 30MB. 

  • PennDOT reserves the right to not post a submission for any reason. If a submission is not used for a particular reason the participant will be contacted and given the option of sending a new submission. 

  • All submissions must be the original work of the submitter and must not infringe on the rights of third-parties, including but not limited to, intellectual property rights. By participating in the program, the participant accepts responsibility for any third-party intellectual property claims which may arise from the submission and agrees to hold PennDOT harmless from such claims.

  • PennDOT does not provide financial assistance for supplies, materials or other items associated with this program.

Past Content

Thank you everyone for your submissions! If you would like to view all the previous posts search #SafetyCitizens on Twitter and Facebook.