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How can my school register?

You can register your school for the Paint the Plow Program by submitting an application to your region's press office. Find what region your school is in by going to the Regions page.

Does the school have to pay for the plow​?

No. PennDOT will deliver the plow to your school at no cost.

How will we receive the plow?

According to availibilty and school preference a PennDOT Operator will deliver the plow blade to your school between the end of the last school year and beginning of the next.

When does the plow need to be finished by?

Completion dates are unique to each district. Check your application and guidlines you received from your district for specific dates.

Are there special types of paint that need to be used?

There is no particular paint that is required for the plow, outdoor paint will last the longest however. 

How are the winners decided?

There are two types of winners for each grouping of schools, a Judges Pick and a Fan Favorite. The winner of the Judges Pick will be determined by members of PennDOT who are selected to determine which plow fufilled the theme with the best original art. For the Fan Favorite category an online voting system will be set up where any member from your community can go online and vote for their favorite plow. Dates for when the voting is open for specific counties will be announced by the district.