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All schools are encouraged to participate in the Paint the Plow program. It is a way for schools and PennDOT to partner to let student's creativity bring awareness to the important work plows do during the winter months. 

Participating schools are asked to produce artwork for a PennDOT plow, that will be used throughout the school district/region the following winter. 

ParticipationPage2.png Past Years

In years past each plow has been judged on creativity and ability to incorporate the designated safety message/theme. Additionally, during a designated voting period, the public would have the opportunity to select a "Fan Favorite" winner.


This year the voting will be suspended in favor of the theme "School Spirit" to allow for easier participation as schools continue to work through COVID regulations.

Applications and Guidelines 

To sign up your school to participate in the contest visit your region's page to access specific guidelines and regulations.