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​Bureau of Innovations (BOI) and the Benefits of Lean

What Is Lean?

A core function of the Bureau of Innovations (BOI) is to integrate a Lean culture of continuous quality improvements across PennDOT. We do this by using a set of Lean tools and strategies aimed at improving performance by making processes simpler, better, faster, and cheaper. Lean focuses on the customer by maximizing customer value and minimizing waste. Value is defined as a process or action for which a customer is willing to pay. Waste, on the other hand, is any activity that doesn't add value. Lean is a mindset, not an acronym.

Why Does Lean Matter To Me?

Since you are a key component to the products and services PennDOT provides, you have an important role to play. Lean empowers all employees to look at the work they are doing and the processes they are using.

How Can Lean Be Used In All Areas?

The best way to assess and improve all areas is to have Lean tools and strategies used by every person, at every level, on every process, every day. Whether you make Lean improvements on your own, propose new Lean ideas through IdeaLink 20/20, publish your existing smart practices in PennDOT WorkSmart, or seek assistance from the Bureau of Innovations to help you with your Lean project, Lean thinking can help each of us improve the products and services we offer our customers.

Who Can Help With Lean?

The Bureau of Innovations (BOI) serves as PennDOT's organizational change management leader, evaluating and aiding in the transformation of current processes and procedures to help guide and support PennDOT organizations looking for ways to reduce costs, improve performance, maximize use of available resources, and improve the quality of products and services.

Using a wide array of products, services, and tools, such as Lean tools, the Six-Step Creative Solving Process (or A3 problem solving techniques), process mapping (also called a Value Stream Analysis Process or VSAP), surveys, data mining, meeting facilitation, and project implementation guidance, BOI is fully equipped to assist PennDOT organizations with their continuous quality improvement goals.

BOI maintains a strong relationship with the Governor's Office of Performance Through Excellence (OPE). BOI works closely with the OPE to identify ways PennDOT is leveraging interagency coordination and collaboration to maximize and modernize efficiencies in state government operations and provide the highest quality of services. In short, OPE is about creating a Government that Works for all Pennsylvanians.

For More Information

If you would like more information on Lean and continuous process improvement at PennDOT, contact the Bureau of Innovations at or visit our portal.