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PennDOT Strategic Plan

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With a constant focus on safe, equitable and sustainable transportation systems, much of PennDOT's success is attributed to having an actionable plan in place showing how the entire organization is contributing to creating the best possible future for Pennsylvanians. The PennDOT Strategic Plan exists to serve employees as well as the people of Pennsylvania and must therefore address real and timely concerns along with future challenges.

PennDOT leadership is committed to making a difference, emphasizing the goals, performance and morale of our team as critical to the department's success. The PennDOT Strategic Plan acknowledges the day-to-day work our employees accomplish and the innovative solutions they strive for every day to ensure the department is moving in the right direction. With input from the entire PennDOT team and from customers and stakeholders, it also reflects a thorough review of the department's challenges and past successes, while providing a road map for moving ahead.

The PennDOT Strategic Plan aims to provide a realistic and meaningful plan showing how PennDOT teams are working together to advance the mission and vision of the department. Through other initiatives such as the IdeaLink employee suggestion system, the State Transportation Innovation Council (STIC), the WorkSmart system for sharing smart practices, as well as deputate and district strategic goals, PennDOT leadership will continue to pursue initiatives that lead the department forward.

For more information, view our PennDOT Strategic Plan flyer (PDF) or the PennDOT Strategic Plan booklet (PDF).