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​Municipal Advisory Committee

The PennDOT Office of Planning hosts a quarterly Municipal Advisory Committee (MAC) Meeting with representatives from statewide municipal associations, including the County Commissioners Association of Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania Municipal League, Pennsylvania State Association of Boroughs, Pennsylvania State Association of Township Supervisors, and The Pennsylvania State Association of Township Commissioners. Additionally, representatives from FHWA, DCED, and the PennDOT Policy Office and Office of Transformational Technology provide brief updates.

The meeting follows an open forum format where the participants share their current initiatives, transportation concerns, and/or request discussion of transportation-related topics of interest to municipalities. PennDOT officials also use this time to present topics that may have an impact on municipalities and to receive feedback from the meeting participants.

The MAC is unique when compared to the other advisory committees that PennDOT hosts, as it is not legislatively mandated and the membership is ad hoc. Instead, the MAC exists due to all parties involved understanding and valuing the collaboration that the meetings provide.


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