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Chester County Paint Crew Receives Workplace Hero Award

September 16, 2019 12:00 AM
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Recently, five PennDOT Chester County maintenance workers were recognized with Workplace Hero Awards.

Back in April, the crew was wrapping up line painting operations for the day when they drove up on a single-vehicle crash on Route 82 in East Marlborough Township. The vehicle was on its roof and the single occupant was still inside. The victim had suffered trauma to the head and was unconscious. Acting Foreman Tom Dickinson provided assistance to the victim, while fellow crew members Jim Ferrier, Patrick Bernard, Doug Freed, and Rich Iorio helped secure the traffic scene until emergency responders arrived. It was their quick thinking and life-saving actions that allowed the victim to be successfully treated.

District 6 Executive Kenneth M. McClain expressed his gratitude that the team acted so quickly and worked together to help the crash victim and provide safety to other motorists who were driving up on the scene.

"All of you went above and beyond in this situation and as a result the crash victim was able to be successfully treated," McClain said. "This crew and other Workplace Hero recipients before you are an example to all PennDOT employees.

Dickinson explained he and the other crew members didn't need to say a word. They looked at each other and just immediately jumped into action.

Workplace Hero is an award open to PennDOT employees who, during work hours, take actions that prevent the death or serious injury of a co-worker or member of public. 

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