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Western Pennsylvania Employees Go Above and Beyond to Help Drivers in a Crash

February 18, 2022 03:00 PM
By: Tina Gibbs

​On November 15, 2021 Jefferson County PennDOT responded to a tractor trailer crash on Interstate 80 East bound, just east of the North Fork Bridge. 

The tractor trailer went through the guiderail and rolled over the embankment on the south side of the interstate. The driver and passenger were both taken by ambulance. 

We recently received the following post from Star Floyd, one of the people injured in the crash, in December. 

 "My partner and I (13 weeks pregnant) were in a tractor trailer crash on Interstate 80 with our three dogs.  Our three dogs escaped following the crash and were out of the vehicle. Two were found immediately, but we didn't find the third before we were taken to the hospital.  The amazing PennDOT crew of Candy Schaffer, Jeff Kaza, and Terry Mitchell, continued to look and found my dog.  They contacted the hospital to make arrangements to get her back to me.  My partner was in the hospital for three days longer than me.  Karen Burkett, brought me dog food; Jeff's wife took me to get new clothes; and Candy helped me find shelter.  I was so blessed and thankful for them.  I have no one in PA and both of our wallets and phones were at the crash site.  Thank you to all my PennDOT angels.  I don't know how I would have made it through this horribly stressful event by myself.  You are a blessing to this world." 

This crew could have finalized the crash scene and moved on to the next job, however they continued to think of the people involved in the crash and offer support to them. Kudos to Candy Schaffer (TEOB), Jeff Kaza (TEOB), Terry Mitchell (Highway Foreman III), and Karen Burkett (Assistant Highway Maintenance Manager).

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