District 10 Accomplishments

Counties: Armstrong | Butler | Clarion | Indiana | Jefferson

June 2024

Working For You

In District 10, 80 projects are underway or expected to start or go out for bid this year, with a total value of $441.1 million. You can find weekly updates of planned department maintenance activities on the District 10 page.



Bridges Repaired, Replaced, or Preserved*


Miles of Roadway Improved *


Projects +


Million in Projects +

+ Underway or expected to start or go out for bid this year in District 10 | * From January 2024 Through June 2024

9 bridges were repaired, replaced, or preserved by PennDOT or industry forces through June 2024. 244.03 miles of roadway were improved by department or partner crews through June 2024. This includes 116.12 miles of paving. See projects happening or planned near you at PennDOT's Project Website.

From January through June 2024, 11 construction contracts for highway, bridge, and other improvement projects was completed in the district through PennDOT's private-sector partners.

Featured Projects

Route 228 Corridor Improvement Projects

Cost: $82.44 million

County: Butler

Oakland Avenue Reconstruction Project

Cost: $19 million

County: Indiana

Freedom Road Project

Cost: $9.8 million

County: Butler

PennDOT's Engineering District 10 is responsible for the state-maintained transportation network in this region. This includes 3,180 road miles and 1,630 bridges.

We also work with local governments, elected officials, stakeholders and the public on keeping people and goods moving safely and efficiently in this region.


State-Maintained Road Miles


State-Maintained Bridges



* Filled salaried positions. Does not include wage jobs, which fluctuate seasonally.

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PennDOT's 11 Engineering Districts throughout the state maintain, restore, and expand the state's highway systems. Each office does its part to deliver a safe and efficient transportation system on the nearly 40,000 miles of highway and rougly 25,400 bridges that PennDOT is reponsible for. More information about PennDOT's operations and the state highway system is available in PennDOT's Fact Book (PDF).

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