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Cultural Resources Management Program

During transportation project planning, PennDOT must consider how each project could affect Pennsylvania's cultural resources. Cultural resources include bridges, buildings, archaeological sites, and other properties  listed in, or eligible for listing in, the National Register of Historic Places.

PennDOT maintains a staff of cultural resource professionals (CRPs) with expertise in archaeology and historic preservation. These CRPs work with project managers and environmental managers during the design process to design transportation projects which avoid or minimize effects to cultural resources, to the extent possible. The CRPs consult with the Pennsylvania Historic Preservation Office, federally recognized Native American tribes and nations, the public, and others pursuant to Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act and the Pennsylvania State History Code which require consideration of effects to historic properties. For federally-funded highway projects, the CRPs act on behalf of the Federal Highway Administration.

This webpage provides visitors with access to our staff directory, our publications, and other useful information related to our program. It highlights some of our successes in preserving historic bridges and presents the results of some of our archaeological investigations and historical research. Come and explore!



PennDOT's PATH program facilitates better consultation and public participation in transportation projects. 
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Explore storymaps, videos, and articles on PennDOT's 
archaeological and historical investigations. 

Bridge Marketingbridge marketing
The Commonwealth 
markets historic 
 scheduled for replacement that cannot meet vehicular needs

Historic Bridgeshistoric bridges
Bridges play a key role in PA's transportation heritage. Learn more about the design, use, and preservation of 
historic bridges.

Archaeology & TribesArchaeology
PennDOT completes archaeological excavations and consults with Native American tribes on projects that may affect culturally sensitive or important places.

Laws & RegulationsLaws
PennDOT must comply with Federal and State laws and regulations that requires them to consider the effects of their projects on historic resources.

Technical PublicationsPublications
Here you’ll find a variety of technical articles, reports and documents related to the cultural resources management 

The Cultural Resource Program has employees 
across the state that manage the 
consideration of cultural resources in project development.