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Public Transit Options

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Public transportation offers a convenient and easy alternative to gridlocked commutes and high gas prices. Compared to driving, public transit is less expensive, safer and better for the environment. It also significantly reduces traffic congestion, saves energy and benefits the communities it serves. It's the way millions of Americans commute to work every day. The use of public transportation is growing faster than both vehicle and airplane travel.

Public transportation is available in every county in Pennsylvania, with a wide range of services including:

  • Fixed-route transit service in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, 19 urbanized areas and 18 rural areas
  • 42 systems offering shared-ride services in all Pennsylvania counties
  • 10 intercity bus routes
  • Keystone Corridor Amtrak service, running from Harrisburg to New York by way of Philadelphia, and Pennsylvanian Amtrak service running from Pittsburgh to Philadelphia
  • 66 counties with rural transportation for persons with disabilities

More and more, Pennsylvania residents are relying on public transportation as a way to get to and from their workplace, doctor's office, shopping malls and recreational places.

Pennsylvania offers programs to make transportation accessible to everyone, including seniors and persons with disabilities. Learn about state-offered services.

Public Transportation Fact: People who ride public transportation can save, on average, $10,160 annually based on the June 6, 2018 national average gas price and the national unreserved monthly parking rate.

Park and Ride Locations

These PennDOT-maintained Park and Ride facilities offer a safe, convenient location for commuters to leave their automobiles and travel to their destinations in carpools, vanpools or buses.