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​Construction / Contractor Registration

Please complete the PDF Business Partner application and email it to with the appropriate electronic signatures. Please review the checklist and ensure all fields are filled out completely, all signatures (and titles) are correct, and the signature dates are entered. For questions, call 855-783-8330 and reference BP Registration / ECMS Help Desk.

Registration Requirements Summary

If your organization desires to work with PennDOT as a construction contractor, engineering consultant or in another capacity, your organization must register as a business partner. This will allow use of PennDOT’s Engineering and Construction Management System (ECMS) to conduct business (e.g., submit bids on PennDOT projects) with PennDOT.

Municipalities must register as a government-sector business partner to:

  • Receive reimbursement for local transportation projects.
  • Participate in Added PennDOT construction contracts.

A private-sector business partner can register to do business as one or more of the following:

  • Bonding Agency: Insurance agency/agent that produce performance and payment bonds on behalf of a surety company.
  • Bridge Consultant: Firm that performs inspections on bridge structures.
  • Bridge Owner/Private: Non-governmental owner of a structure on or over a highway.
    Bridge Planning Partner: A non-profit agency conducting transportation planning and programming for a portion of the state.
  • Construction Contractor:
    • Prime or sub-contractor on any construction contract
    • Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Supplier
    • Service Provider (for example, hauling, mowing, snow removal, etc.)
  • Consultant: Prime or sub-consultant providing engineering design services. Click for specific instructions for completing the Consultant Qualifications Package and Overhead Rate (PDF).
  • ePermitting: Entity that requires Highway Occupancy Permits (HOP).
  • External Utility: Any public utility company including; but not limited to, telephone, gas and electric companies.
  • Grade Crossing Electronic Document Management System (GCEDMS):
    • Maintains grade crossing inventory information for Railroad facilities involved with PennDOT projects.
    • Business Partner agreement and online registration must be completed requesting access to GCEDMS. 
  • Highway Beautification Management System (HBMS): Invoicing and payment for Outdoor Advertising Device (OAD) and Junkyard permits.
  • Planning Partner: A non-profit agency conducting transportation planning and programming for a portion of the state.
  • Printing Partner: Prints construction plans for contractors.
  • Rail Freight, Ports and Waterways: Provides the means for public and private transportation utilities to access the DotGrants website to apply for various available grants.
  • Small Business Applicant: Businesses that meet the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) size standards and want to register and be certified as such with PennDOT.
  • Surety Company: Company that holds the performance and payment bonds.
  • Utilities Relocation - Electronic Document Management System (UREDMS):
    • Allows utility companies and municipalities involved with PennDOT projects to submit and view utility relocation documents through the web.
    • Business Partner agreement and online registration must be completed requesting access to UREDMS.

Please Note:

  • A firm can be registered to "Do Business As" multiple business partner types at the same time. For example, if your company provides engineering consulting services to PennDOT as well as construction contractor services, check off both construction contractor and consultant in the "Doing Business As" section of the electronic registration form.
  • Business Partner Registration does not replace the prequalification and Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Certification processes. The Prequalification Office phone numbers are 717-787-7032 and 717-787-3733.

Registration Instructions

Note that there are two parts to the Business Partner registration process, completion of a legal agreement and completion of registration information online. Both parts must be completed prior to approval as a Business Partner.

  1. Complete and submit the paper Agreement to Authorize Electronic Access to PennDOT Systems.
    • Click on to access the online registration. You must use Internet Explorer (up to version 11) to access the online registration.
    • Click on Business Partner on the navigation pane on the left side of the screen.
    • Click on Registration. The Business Partner Registration home page is displayed.
    • Select the radio button next to "Private Sector Organization" if your organization is a business. Select "Government Agency" if your organization is a municipality or municipal authority. Ensure that the correct selection is made because the Business Partner Agreement for public and private sector entities are different.
    • Click on Business Partner Agreement PDF icon to access the correct agreement. The Download or Print Instructions link provides instructions on downloading and printing the form.
    • Complete the agreement as indicated on the Instruction page. Please follow these instructions closely. If the agreement is not completed properly, this will delay your approval as a business partner.
    • Please email the signed agreement to
  • The electronic registration form can be accessed from the Business Partner Registration home page mentioned in Step 1.
  • Make sure "Private Sector Organization" or "Government Agency", whichever is appropriate, is selected.
  • Click on the Register at the bottom of the right side of the screen.
    On the General Information tab, select one or more of the appropriate "Doing Business As" selections as defined above.
  • Enter information into at least all the required fields (indicated by the dot preceding the field name. For example, •Business Partner Name) on all five tabs (General Info, Legal Address, Mailing Address, Administrator Info and Authorized Signatory) of the electronic registration form. Navigate from tab to tab by clicking on the title of the tab (such as Legal Address).
  • Click Submit at the bottom of the screen.

Please Note: It typically takes two weeks from completion of the electronic form and PennDOT receiving the correctly completed paper form to complete the approval process. Once the registration for your company is complete, an email will be sent to your security administrator (as designated on the electronic registration form) with their User ID and password. The security administrator will use the User ID and password to:

  • Establish User IDs and passwords for users within the company. If the security administrator will also use ECMS to conduct business with PennDOT, he or she will need to create a user account for themselves. The security administrator User ID and password ONLY allows creation and maintenance of user accounts.
  • Assign users to security groups, allowing these users to see, enter and submit information for your company based on the level of security provided by the security group. For security group definitions click on the specific business type: Consultant; Construction Contractor; Rail Freight, Ports, Waterways; Planning Partner; Surety Company; Bonding Agency; Printing Partner; DUI Association; External Utility; Bridge Consultant; Bridge Planning Partner; Bridge Owner / Private; ePermitting; Small Business Applicant; Highway Beautification Management System; Traffic Signal Asset Management System.
  • Delete users.
  • Reset passwords for your users.

Registration for the Bridge Management System (BMS2) also requires Business Partners to read the Confidentiality and Security of Bridge Information (PDF) and return completed Form D-494A (PDF).

To change information on your account (such as change of address, phone/fax numbers, security administrator or officers) or to add another "doing business as" type to your account, provide the new information in a statement on your company letterhead signed by the authorized signatory. Email the letter to the ECMS Help Desk.

Vendor Registration

Visit the Commonwealth's vendor registration site to begin the registration process. Please call 717-346-2676 or 1-877-435-7363 or email for information and help with registering.