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​​Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act 

On November 15, 2021, President Biden signed the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA), most commonly known as the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL), providing investment in our nation's infrastructure, competitiveness, and communities. Through the act, billions in additional formula funding and discretionary opportunities are being invested in and available for Pennsylvania.

PennDOT created this web page to help partner organizations throughout the Commonwealth find a one-stop-shop for information regarding the many new discretionary grant programs and resources available through BIL.

PennDOT's goal is to provide the blueprint our local partners need to be successful in identifying and applying for the programs for which they are eligible. If you have any questions regarding the Grant Alerts and related information, please email

Current Grant Alerts

The Current Grant Alerts section highlights the list of federal grant programs currently accepting applications. Within each Grant Alert below, you will find pertinent grant information related to eligibility, funding, application and selection criteria, sample tasks, administrative requirements/priorities and project agreement, and timeframes. 

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Increased Investments, Grants to PennDOT

In addition to the more than $4 billion in additional highway and bridge funds coming to PennDOT over five years, the department is the recipient of grant funding from the BIL and, as a result, will be partners in making historic investments in Pennsylvania's transportation system. The funding awarded is designed to improve the safety, efficiency and reliability of the transportation system PennDOT manages.

To learn more about the new investments being made across the Commonwealth, read highlights of BIL funding PennDOT has been awarded below.  

Awarded ProjectCentral Susquehanna Valley Transportation Project – Southern SectionA Study to Alleviate Congestion and Enhance Community SafetyPittston Pair Bridge Bundle
Amount Awarded$69 M$375 K$19 M
Discretionary Grant TypeMultimodal Project Discretionary Grant – RuralRailroad Crossing Elimination Grant ProgramRebuilding American Infrastructure with Sustainability and Equity
Purpose of GrantFund improvement or expansion of surface transportation infrastructure projects with significant national/regional impact or in rural areasFund highway-rail or pathway-rail grade crossing improvement projects to improve the safety and mobility of people and goodsFund capital investments in road, rail, transit and port projects with significant local or regional impact on safety, quality of life, innovation and mobility
Award Announced12/19/20226/5/20236/23/2023
Project DescriptionConstruction of new four-lane limited access highway, connecting US Routes 11/15 near Selinsgrove to US Route 15 near Winfield; will also include interchange and connector within Shamokin Dam to PA Route 61 into SunburyInitiation of crossing elimination study for three at-grade crossings on CSX/SEPTA lines that experience traffic congestion and loading delays in the Philadelphia region Replacement of the Fort Jenkin and Water Street Bridges, including on-street bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure improvements; will also include modernization of seven adjacent intersections


Awarded ProjectAdvancing Standardized Open-Data As-Built Information Models for BridgesPennsylvania Wildlife Crossings Strategic Plan and Analytical ToolsExpand Passenger Rail Across Pennsylvania
Amount Awarded$3.91 M$840 KOver $140 M
Discretionary Grant TypeAdvanced Digital Construction Management SystemsWildlife Crossings Pilot ProgramFederal-State Partnership for Intercity Passenger Rail and Corridor Identification and Development (Corridor ID)
Purpose of GrantPromote, implement, deploy, demonstrate, showcase, support and document the application of advanced digital construction management systems, practices, performance and benefitsReduce Wildlife Vehicle Collisions while improving habitat connectivity for terrestrial and aquatic speciesFunds capital projects that reduce backlog, improve performance, or expand/establish new intercity passenger rail service and comprehensive intercity passenger rail planning and development program
Award Announced11/202312/202312/2023
Project DescriptionApply the use of an open data standard, eliminating need for expensive proprietary technologies making it difficult to exchange information between design and construction teamsDevelop a comprehensive statewide strategic plan to address the wide-ranging challenges and opportunities associated with the safe management and stewardship for wildlife crossings across PennsylvaniaSupport expansion of passenger rail between Harrisburg and Pittsburgh and study three passenger rail corridors throughout Pennsylvania
Awarded ProjectRoosevelt Boulevard Multimodal Project *Reconnecting Our Chinatown: Reclaiming Philadelphia's Vine Street Expressway
(I-676) *
Accelerated Innovation Deployment Demonstration Program
Amount Awarded$78,000,000$1,800,000$700,000
Discretionary Grant TypeMultimodal Project Discretionary Grant Reconnecting Communities Pilot Accelerated Innovation Deployment
Purpose of GrantFund improvement or expansion of surface transportation infrastructure projects with significant national/regional impactAddress barriers to community connectivity by focusing on removing, retrofitting, mitigating, or replacing facilities that previously cut off communities from economic opportunitiesAccelerate implementation of proven innovations in highway transportation
Award Announced1/5/20232/23/20238/22/2023
Project DescriptionThis funding will help Philadelphia enhance safety, accessibility, and travel time reliability along Roosevelt Boulevard. The efforts include intersection and roadway reconfigurations, median barriers, traffic signal upgrades, corridor access management, complete streets enhancements, and new business access and transit lanes.The project will study ways to reconnect Chinatown across the Vine Street Expressway (I-676), which split the historic neighborhood apart when it was constructed.PennDOT will use Targeted Overlay Pavement Solutions in five Engineering Districts. These solutions enhance overlay performance for both asphalt and concrete pavements, reduce maintenance, extend pavement service life, minimize work zones, increase skid resistance, improve flood resiliency, and reduce noise.

* PennDOT Co-Applicant 


Awarded ProjectKeystone Corridor (Pittsburgh to Philadelphia)Scranton to New York Penn Station: Amtrak Passenger Service Corridor *Enhancing Pennsylvania Public Charging Station Reliability and Equity
Amount Awarded$500,000$500,000$5,000,000
Discretionary Grant TypeCorridor IDCorridor IDElectric Vehicle Charger Reliability and Accessibility Accelerator
Purpose of GrantGuide development of new and enhanced intercity passenger rail services to help bolster economic growthGuide development of new and enhanced intercity passenger rail services to help bolster economic growthFocus on repairing or replacing broken/non-operational electric vehicle chargers
Award Announced12/8/202312/8/20231/18/2024
Project DescriptionThe proposed corridor will enhance Amtrak Keystone and Pennsylvanian services between Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, PA. It includes adding frequencies, including at least one additional daily round trip between Harrisburg and Pittsburgh, reducing end-to-end travel time, and improving reliability. The corridor sponsor will enter Step 1 to develop a scope, schedule, and cost estimate for their service development plan.The proposed corridor aims to connect Scranton, PA, and New York, NY, with intermediate stops at Stroudsburg and Mt. Pocono, PA, and Blairstown, Dover, Montclair, Morristown, and Newark, NJ. It would provide new service (three daily round trips) on a mostly existing alignment, including a rebuilt abandoned track. The entire alignment for this corridor is under public ownership. The corridor sponsor will enter Step 1 to develop a scope, schedule, and cost estimate for their service development plan.This award will repair or replace broken or non-operational electric vehicle charging ports to improve the reliability of existing charging infrastructure.

* PennDOT Co-Applicant ​


Awarded ProjectDemonstration and Deployment - Electric Construction Vehicles
Amount Awarded$645,486
Discretionary Grant TypeVehicle Technologies Office Program Wide Funding Opportunity
Purpose of GrantResearch projects to address the following priorities: batteries and electrification, combustion and advanced fuels, lightweight materials, energy-efficient mobility systems, and technology integration
Award Announced1/8/2024
Project DescriptionThe project will advance sustainability in construction operations by successfully demonstrating and deploying electric construction vehicles. The project aims to replace traditional internal combustion engine-powered construction vehicles with clean, electric alternatives, highlighting their efficiency, effectiveness, and environmental benefits.

 To see other BIL funding announced and awarded where PennDOT has supported its various partners across Pennsylvania, the Investing In America web page contains an illustrative map with early and preliminary progress.

Past Grant Alerts

The Past Grant Alerts section displays federal grant programs no longer accepting applications. Within this section is a valuable resource for learning about various programs that have successfully awarded funding. Using this information, you can learn best practices about eligible and successful applicants and the historic investments being awarded. 

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