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Bikes on Public Transportation

One of the great things about alternative transportation is its flexibility. You may find that combining different forms of transportation saves you more money and makes your commute easier — for example combining bicycling with public transportation.

Many public transportation agencies in Pennsylvania provide accommodations for bicyclists, including bike racks and other amenities for people who bicycle for part of their commute. To find public transit services in your area, use the PennDOT Public Transit Map

Amtrak also offers several options for transporting your bicycle. You can:

  • Store your bicycle onboard in a bike rack.

  • Check your bicycle as baggage in a box or other secure container.

  • Check your bicycle as baggage secured by tie-down equipment (not in a box).

  • Bring a folding bicycle onboard as carry-on baggage.

Learn more on the Amtrak website.