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MBUF Gas Tax Comparison Calculator

MBUF, Gas Tax Comparison Calculator

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A Mileage-Based User Fee/Road-User Fee (MBUF/RUF) is a potential alternative funding solution that PennDOT is exploring. It would provide reliable, modern funding regardless of how a vehicle is powered, and could help meet our goal to phase out the state gas tax.

Try out this calculator to see what your estimated monthly costs might be—based on your vehicle's efficiency and monthly miles driven—when the state gas tax is replaced with a MBUF.

This calculator allows the user to set the value of the per-mile fee that would be used to replace the gas tax. The default is set to 2.5 cents per mile. The actual rate is still to be determined and must consider several factors. The goal of the calculator is to allow the user to compare monthly costs between the gas tax and a range of potential mileage-based user fees from 1 cent per mile up to 8 cents per mile.