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Aviation Grants

PennDOT is actively involved in promoting, developing, and preserving Pennsylvania's airport system. Act 164 of 1984 authorized the department to provide assistance to all public airports, including those privately-owned. Act 164 also provided for expanded airport development and real estate tax relief to public airports. Pennsylvania's responsibilities under this law are to preserve, upgrade, and, when possible, build new airport facilities. These funds are needed to ensure the growth and development of Pennsylvania's airport system.

PennDOT administers four grant programs for airport development: the federal Block Grant Program, the state Aviation Development Program, the state Capital Budget/Transportation Assistance Program, and the Real Estate Tax Reimbursement Program, which collectively invest approximately $35 million annually into airport development. More information can be found on the Aviation Grant Programs page.

Online Grant Processing


The electronic processing of grants is available through PennDOT's eGrants system. With eGrants, you will now submit an application to start the granting process.

To begin an application, you will need to create an account with Keystone Login Registration. The keystone login is used to access the eGrants system to complete an application. Upon application completion, grant processing will occur through the Partner Portal.



Decommissioning September 2025

Airport Compliance

Upon the acceptance of a grant agreement, the sponsor has e-signed that they have agreed to uphold the term and conditions with the federal-and-state grant assurances.

If at any time you believe that an airport is not meeting the conditions of the above requirements, please feel free to fill out the AV-12 — Airport Compliance Complaint Form (PDF) and submit it to the department for further research and review.