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Liquid Fuels

The Municipal and County Liquid Fuels Programs support maintenance and construction efforts on locally owned roads, streets, and bridges. In 2013, the reporting processes for both programs were added to the dotGrants system.

Municipal Liquid Fuels Program

County Liquid Fuels Program

What is dotGrants?

The dotGrants system helps municipalities and counties manage their Liquid Fuels, State Police Fines and Penalties, and Turnback Payments. With dotGrants, users are be able to view, create, or modify Municipal Services forms, such as the MS-965, MS-329, MS-991 and MS-340. This site also allows users to view their mileage data.

One-on-one and county training is available through a network of Financial Consultants. More information can also be found in the dotGrants Annual Liquid Fuels Report Reference Manual (PDF).