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Local Project Delivery Video Gallery

The videos below ​provide an overview of PennDOT's Local Project Delivery Manual.



This video provides a brief introduction to the Local Project Delivery Manual through the definition of local project as well as the programs associated with owning and funding local projects.

Planning & Programming

This video covers the development of the planning of projects from the Long Range Transportation Plans (LRTP), 4-year Transportation Improvement Program (TIP), Statewide Transportation Improvement Plan (STIP), and the Twelve Year Program (TYP).

Project Management Processes

This video covers the importance of proper management in the project delivery process. The way that PennDOT is involved with a project utilizing state or local funding is discussed, including working with district project managers.

Project Development Procedures

This video discusses the project development process for state and federally funded projects, with a table that covers the phases and requirements for each.

Right-of-Way Phase

This video covers the various processes associated with the Right-of-Way Phase. The right-of-way plan, acquisition, and appraisal processes with definitions are included.

Utility and Railroad Coordination

This video discusses the utilities and/or and railroad coordination necessary for a project. Preliminary Engineering, with the tasks necessary, are mentioned, as well as the required submissions for utilities.

Construction Phase

This video covers the process of construction. Local project sponsor responsibilities are described, including construction supervision and inspection, materials testing, and the timely payment to the contractor.