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New Product Evaluations for Local Roads

 Evaluating potential new products for use on lower volume local roads is a service provided by PennDOT. Though PennDOT products in Bulletin 15 are already available to local governments, the approved products in this program are an expanded list that are more likely used on lower volume local roads. Vendors are invited to submit products which will be tested at Penn State University (PSU) using PennDOT funding and oversight. Products that are approved through the testing process will be available for local governments to purchase using their liquid fuels funds.

  • PennDOT has retained PSU to test potential products for use on lower volume local roads. PennDOT pays for the testing.
  • Manufacturers submit product evaluation applications through the NPETS website.  Potential users can request access to NPETS by submitting a Product Evaluation Applicant eCAMMS User Request Form
  • PennDOT reviews the application, determines if there is an existing specification for the product/process, and surveys the Engineering Districts for interest in the product’s use. Others surveyed include the New Product Selection Committee, consisting of municipal stakeholders and local government representatives.
  • If the survey indicates interest in testing the product for lower volume, local roads, the applicant is contacted.
  • The completed application for the product is reviewed by the New Products Selection Committee for interest and appropriateness scoring.
  • Testing begins by PSU when the Committee is in favor of the potential use of the product on lower volume, local roads.
  • When testing is completed, results are reviewed by PennDOT subject matter experts and the New Products Selection Committee.
  • Once fully approved, the product is placed in Pub 447, Approved Products for Lower Volume Local Roads.
  • Products in Pub 447 (in addition to Bulletin 15 products) are approved for purchase by municipalities with liquid fuels funds.
  • PSU performs quality assurance/quality control reviews on all products in Pub 447 on a rotating basis to ensure the specifications are up to date, and all materials, products and processes continue to be available for municipalities.