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Highway Transfer Turnback Program

The Highway Transfer “Turnback” Program allows the transfer of functionally-local state-owned roads, serving a local traffic purpose, from state government to local government ownership. Roads that are candidates for transfer are those that have low average daily traffic, or would benefit the municipality both socially and economically.

After the road is turned back to the municipality, PennDOT provides money to the municipality each year to cover the costs associated with maintaining the roadway at a rate of $4,000 per mile. PennDOT releases annual maintenance payments on March 1, two years after the year of transfer.

For more information about the Highway Transfer "Turnback" Program contact the Central Office Turnback Coordinator at (717) 705-0687.  Municipalities may also call their District Municipal Services representative.

Checklist for Municipalities

  • Submit Request to Turnback Coordinator at the local District Office
  • Meet with Turnback Coordinator
  • Develop cost / scope of work
  • Consider bridges that may be available for Turnback
  • Execute Municipal Resolution, authorizing municipality to accept ownership of road
  • Sign Turnback Agreement
  • Have transfer recorded by County Recorder
  • Submit proof of the record of transfer with the county to the District Municipal Services Office
  • Compile checks and receipts of rehabilitative road work and work with Turnback Coordinator to complete Forms PR-999T and PR-999TRC and submit to Central Office