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PennDOT makes real-time and static transportation-related data available to various groups for use in their applications and research efforts free of charge. Users can include the general public, commercial vendors, transportation agencies, researcher, the media, and others. 

Available Data Feeds

Road Condition Reporting System (RCRS) Data

This feed provides real-time information for traffic incidents, roadwork, winter road conditions, and other events.

Traffic Cameras

This feed provides real-time streaming video images from any of PennDOT's over 950 traffic cameras.

Using Data Feeds

To request access to the data feeds, submit the Data Feed Request Form.

Use of data feeds is governed by our Terms and Conditions for Use (PDF).

Additionally, use of traffic camera streams is governed by PennDOT's Non-Exclusive Video Sharing License Agreement. Those requesting access to camera streams will be provided with the agreement after submitting their request.

There is no charge for using PennDOT data feeds. However, streaming video users will need to purchase the bandwidth necessary to access the streams from their location. More details will be provided when PennDOT follows up on your registration request. 

Use Of 511PA Or PennDOT Logo

Data feed users are required to acknowledge PennDOT as the source of data within their public facing applications, and are encouraged to do so by using official PennDOT or 511PA logos. Users will be provided with guidance on the use of logos and appropriate image files after their request for access has been approved.