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Railroad Engineering

PennDOT is responsible for reviewing preliminary and final design engineering processes for the two annual grant assistance programs administered by the Department: the Rail Freight Assistance Program (RFAP) and the Rail Transportation Assistance Program (RTAP).
PennDOT railroad engineers provide technical assistance to customers such as bridge design/construction, continuously welded rail, advanced track infrastructure, related ancillary facilities, cost trends, and advanced project management services.
To facilitate the review process, PennDOT railroad engineers recognize the guidelines as established in the American Railway Engineering and Maintenance of Way Association and ensure projects adhere to the federal requirements of the Federal Railroad Administration and Federal Transit Administration.
PennDOT railroad engineers also ensure projects adhere to Pennsylvania State Prevailing Wage Rates (for contracted labor), Standard Agreement Provisions(PDF), and Supplemental Conditions_Trackwork Construction (PDF); require contractors to obtain a Commonwealth Vend​or Identification​; and provide notifications to the Department of Environmental Protection for all railroad projects.