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Grant Programs

Program Administration

The Bureau of Rail, Freight, Ports, and Waterways administers the funding for the RFAP and the RTAP and is responsible for the evaluation of grant applications. Projects are selected for funding based upon an objective process that serves the legislative intent of the programs and public benefit. Following the close of an application period, applicants will be given the opportunity to present their project to the Bureau in Harrisburg, PA. Project presentations provide the Bureau with additional information to effectively evaluate projects in a fiscally constrained program. Once projects are selected, the Bureau presents its selections to the State Transportation Commission (STC) for approval. Following approval by the STC, all applicants are notified of their funding status.

PennDOT accepted applications for the 2023 program through September 1, 2023.  These applications are currently under review, and grant announcements are anticipated in December 2023.

Rail Freight Assistance Program

The Rail Freight Assistance Program (RFAP) provides financial assistance for investment in rail freight infrastructure. The intent of the program is to:

  1. preserve essential rail freight service where economically feasible, and
  2. preserve or stimulate economic development through the generation of new or expanded rail freight service.

The maximum state funding for a RFAP project is 70 percent of the total project costs, not to exceed $700,000.


Rail Transportation Assistance Program

The Rail Transportation Assistance Program (RTAP), also known as Capital Budget, is available to applicants with a line item(s) in a Capital Budget Act. Applicants should contact their state representative or state senator to obtain a line item for their project. The maximum state funding for a RTAP project is 70 percent of the total project costs, not to exceed the amount of the line item.

Both rail funding programs have become very competitive and not all applications will receive funding.

Previous Awards

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