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Two curves on Interstate 80 use new LED signs for enhanced safety

July 20, 2020 11:30 AM
By: Joshua Kaufer

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​PennDOT District 10 is using new technology to keep drivers safe by installing solar powered sequential LED chevron signage at two curve locations in the District 10 area that have a substantial crash history. The sequential chevron system both warns and gives motorists a higher level of visual guidance when approaching and driving through the curve.

Previously, static chevron and curve warning signs alerted motorists of the upcoming curve on Interstate 80, located just east of the Brookville interchange, and on US 119 in Indiana County at the Wake Robin curve. However, the static signs didn't lessen the number of crashes on and around these locations. 

According to case studies, sequential LED chevrons, which light up and follow along with the motorist as they drive through the curve, reduce the number of curve-related accidents.  A Federal Highway Administration evaluation project found that systems like sequential LED chevrons reduce vehicle speeds and crashes on horizontal curves where, statistically, the crash rate is triple that of other highway segments.  

Not only have the LED chevrons proven effective, they are better than other alternatives regarding cost. Solar energy powers the LED chevrons, so the District doesn't have to provide power to the signage and they were installed by Department Maintenance crews. It is a low-cost solution that reduces crashes and maintains safer roadways for the future.

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