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12-Year Program Update: 2021 Transportation Survey Results

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August 02, 2021 09:00 AM
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​PA State Law, Act 120 of 1970, established the Pennsylvania Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC) to advise the State Transportation Commission (STC) and the PennDOT Secretary of Transportation.  The TAC meets quarterly to discuss a range of transportation issues. 

The last meeting involved discussion of the 12-Year Program Survey Results.  The 12-Year Program is Pennsylvania's official mid-range planning tool. It lists statewide planned projects and assigns funding to projects over a 12-year period. The comprehensive outreach for the 12-Year Program update started with an online Public Forum on March 23, 2021.  A total of 1,905 participants joined the Public Forum.

That outreach was accompanied by an online Transportation Survey made available to the public March 1 through April 14, 2021.  The survey was heavily communicated through a variety of social media, blog and other means.  The survey received 7,423 responses and respondents mapped 2,445 transportation issues – 402 of which are already being addressed by planned projects!

As you know if you took the survey, questions for the public included:

  • How do you travel?
  • What are your transportation priorities?
  • How much would you spend?
  • How can Pennsylvania increase transportation funding?

Answers to those questions and more can be found at

Here is the direct access to the Transportation Survey Results

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