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PennDOT receives national recognition for our Aviation Board Training initiative

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September 24, 2021 11:00 AM
By: Ashley Schoch

​Annually, the National Association of State Aviation Officials (NASAO) gives awards to states who establish innovative practices and maintain a service-oriented approach to state aviation programs, projects and activities.

Tony McCloskey accepts award on behalf of PennDOT, standing next to Greg Pecoraro, NASAO President and CEO.
PennDOT's Bureau of Aviation Director Anthony McCloskey (left) accepts award from NASAO President and CEO Greg Pecoraro (right).

As part of an event at the Colorado Springs Airport on September 14, 2021, PennDOT was selected to receive the 'Most Innovative State Program Award,' for our Aviation Board Training Initiative.

PennDOT Bureau of Aviation Director, Anthony McCloskey P.E. was in attendance to deliver remarks and highlight the training.

"PennDOT is grateful and exited to win this award," McCloskey said. "The Bureau of Aviation has worked hard to share this training with our partners in Pennsylvania and hope it can be useful throughout the country."

PennDOT's Aviation Board Training is an initiative to educate airport authority boards on their responsibilities as board members and learning what drives decision-making to improve their airport's vision for years to come.

The intent is to provide an additional resource for those airport authority board members to understand their fiduciary responsibilities, to focus on their mission/vision, and to develop a high level strategic/business plan that develops goals and objectives to measure success.

The trainings four modules cover a variety of topics including: governance, federal/state funding, business and airport master planning, and strategic business goals and objectives.

The department has trained 16 out of 37 eligible Pennsylvania airports to-date, and the training will eventually be placed on the PennDOT Aviation Website sometime next year.

This NASAO award was established in 1984 and has a long tradition of calling the aviation community's attention to individual states aviation programs. Many innovative aviation programs that began at the state level have spread to other states or in some cases have been adopted or accepted by the federal government and the aviation community.

Eligibility is open to any state aviation agency that has developed, or has contracted for the development of, an original aviation program, project, or activity.

For more information on the PennDOT's Bureau of Aviation visit the aviation page on our website.

To find out more about the NASAO nomination process, visit, their Most Innovative State Program Award page.

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