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Like Father, Like Son

June 25, 2023 11:00 AM
By: Jessica Ruddy

Proverb. Fathers and sons resemble each other, and sons tend to do what their fathers did before them.

It all started when Preston was only 4 years old. He remembers the day as if it was yesterday. His father and a PennDOT crew were working outside of his daycare center. He watched and was in awe of the equipment and how much fun the crew was having at work. Gene and his crew were not just co-workers. They were family.

Gene and Preston Perry exemplify the old proverb. Gene Perry began his career at PennDOT 28 years ago as a Winter Temporary Equipment Operator. Today, Gene is the Assistant County Manager in Wayne County and lives in Susquehanna Depot in Susquehanna County with his wife and two children.

Preston, Gene's 1st and only son started out as a Government Services Intern when he graduated high school and then attended college for a short time. Preston decided that college wasn't for him and decided to head back to PennDOT as a Transportation Equipment Operator Trainee and become full-time in November of 2022 as a certified B Operator. Ultimately Preston's goal is to work his way up to an S Operator and move up the proverbial ladder as his father has.

He has no regrets about his decision to leave college. He missed his co-workers teaching him how to operate the equipment he once watched his father use that day outside of the daycare center. Preston affectionately remembered his first storm when his dad went out into the elements and shared his vast knowledge. A night he will never forget.

Outside of PennDOT, Preston is a volunteer fireman at 3 stations with Susquehanna being his primary location, he also loves the outdoors. Whether it's four-wheeling, hunting, or fishing, he enjoys the beautiful landscape of Susquehanna County with his two Golden Retrievers, Mazy, and Clarabelle.

Preston looks forward to continuing to learn at PennDOT, working with his co-workers who are family, and helping to make his community a better place for all who live and travel through. 

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